Adele's New Beach Pics Spark Concern She's Too Thin, Fans Weigh in

Adele's beach time in Anguilla with Harry Styles and James Corden has her fans in quite the tizzy. But not all of them seem pleased with the pop star's weight loss journey and seem poised to always be somewhat critical of the singer.

The photos caused some controversy by showing off Adele's thinner frame and prompted some to say she's lost too much weight.

"Wait Adele looks way too skinny here should we get [worried]?" one concerned fan wrote on Twitter.

"I bet that she's been on diet to get to her ideal weight, which is great for her but we're not used to see her like that before so that's why it's so shocking, but I don't think we should be worried, she knows what she does," another added.

"IS THIS ADELE?!?! someone feed her pls she looks so skinny and not really that healthy .... we should be worrying about her omg," a third wrote according to TMZ.

Some fans were quit to hit back against those saying the singer has shed too much weight or is looking unhealthy.

"Can we just stop talking about Adele weight?" one fan chimed in defending the singer. "In every website there are many articles talking about that and this is happening since she started singing! [Appreciate] her for her music and only her music, not her image or weight or anything else."

"It's just a weird angle/lighting situation. She's getting to a healthy weight and seems to be more comfortable sharing moments from her personal life; both of which are awesome," another wrote, indicating the quality of the photo and how the looks could be deceiving.

The outing got fans buzzing for several reasons over the weekend. The fact that Adele was hanging out with Harry Styles in the months following her divorce got plenty of buzz from fans who were hoping for a major pop star couple to hit the scene.

It also once again got fans excited at the prospect of new music finding release from the singer. According to PEOPLE, sources indicate that Adele will release music in 2020 and is preparing to promote it around the globe.


"She is definitely getting ready both mentally and physically to promote new music. It seems it will happen later this year," the source told PEOPLE. "She talks about last year as a very difficult year, and she's said in the past that creating new music is almost like therapy. You can tell that she is ready to share with her fans."

Definitely something more important than her weight for fans to discuss.