Aaron Carter's Girlfriend Arrested for Domestic Violence

The girlfriend of Aaron Carter, and the namesake behind his eyebrow tattoo, has been arrested for domestic violence. Melanie Martin was placed under arrest on Sunday night after police investigated an alleged fight between the two while at Carter's home, according to TMZ.

The issue began as a verbal spat between Carter and Martin, which escalated to the point it became physical. The pop singer had visible scratches on parts of his body. The responding officers determined that it was the work of Martin, who was arrested and placed on a $50,000 bond. Carter later told the outlet that the fight began after Martin told him that she was pregnant, which he does not believe.

Carter first introduced Martin to his fans in early January via a pair of Instagram posts. Earlier in March, she used her Instagram to reveal that the "Hard to Love" crooner had decided to "fix" his face tattoo, which he'd only gotten a few months prior. Just days after that, Carter debuted another face tattoo on her Instagram, this one of her first name written above his right eyebrow.

"We're still learning so much about each other, what our boundaries are, hers and mine," Carter wrote in February about their relationship. "Notice HER comes first always put your woman first before your own selfish needs. That's what my daddy always taught me. Do right by your woman happy wife happy life."

"I've never met a woman more invested into me than you my darling [Melanie Martin] you've shown me a love that I never thought existed. From my boundaries, I have for myself that our met and knowing she actually DOES something about it. You all can talk all the s— you want and call me names and slander me. But we all know what it is. I just want to move forward in the best way possible."


Carter's initial face tattoo was done by artist Herchell Carrasco, who goes by RockRollG, back in September. Carrasco spoke with TMZ, who said he asked about Carter's mental state before making such a permanent leap with body art and ended up talking him down from getting a few more.

"[Carter] wanted to keep going and I had to stop him," Carrasco said at the time. "I couldn't cover his whole face in a tattoo. I just couldn't." However, he added that the singer appeared to be "in a good place mentally to get tattooed."