Rebecca Crews: How Husband Terry and Family Inspired 'Evil Twin' Music Persona 'Regina Madre'

Rebecca Crews is excited to introduce her "evil twin," Regina Madre.

The singer, who is also shares the title with husband Terry Crews of one of Hollywood's most beloved couples, is preparing to release new music under her bold pseudonym that, as she revealed in a recent conversation with, is all about feeling empowered.

"Regina Madre came about because I wanted to put my music out, and I wanted it to be listened to and to be heard without judgment," Rebecca told during a phone interview on Feb. 19.

Rebecca, who is known for television appearances and the Crews family brand, revealed she wanted her music to stand apart from the rest.

"The idea just came to me one day to use a pseudonym. And I thought about all the people who've done it, Childish Gambino, Lady Gaga, people who just don't use their real names," she added. "And I thought, I'm going to put this music that with no picture, with "Regina Madre", and see what happens. And I got my first radio single."

However, the singer revealed her family played a key role in coming up with the concept of her stage name.

Regina, Rebecca explains, means "queen," which she wanted to use to encapsulate the "universality of womanhood." Madre, which means "Mother," was both a symbol of women's strength and an ode to her five kids.

"I hate to say it was almost a joke, but my kids call me 'Madre' all the time. And I don't remember which one started it, and they'd be like, 'Hey, Madre, hey Madre.' I was like, 'Ooh, I think that's going to stick.'" Rebecca said. "So it really was just this kind of coming together of words that had significance in my life."

The television personality also revealed her musical persona also allows her to come out of her shell.

"I call her my wicked twin only because I can be a little braver on stage as Regina than as Rebecca," She admitted. "Because as Rebecca, I'm thinking about, 'What will my kids think?' You know, or 'What will my husband think?' Well, he's cool. He's doesn't care. But my kids are scandalized if I wear something sexy, or whatever. They're like, 'Mom. Oh my God.'"

"Regina is audacious... she can take the plunge Rebecca can't take," she added.


Following the success of several singles, including 2018's "Destiny" and "(I Keep) Holding On," Crews revealed she is in the middle of recording new music and fans can expect the release of a new EP very soon.

"Finally I'm going to put out a collection," she said. "I'm a writer and I write a lot of music that hasn't been recorded yet... It's just beyond belief to me that we've hit a point now where I can afford to both take the time and use the resources to put together a whole record. I'm really, really thrilled about this."