We Have a Theory About Taylor Swift's New Album and It Involves Her Lucky Number

If you haven't heard, the internet is freaking out over the fact that Taylor Swift's social media presence has all but disappeared. The pop singer's Instagram photos are gone, tweets have seemingly been deleted and all social media profile images are blank.

Rumors are swirling that Swift will make an announcement about her sixth studio album, as today also marks the anniversary that she released "Shake It Off" and announced "1989."

Coupled with the fact that it's been three years since her last album — and Tay Tay usually releases an album every two years — means that a new record is long overdue.

Thanks to more internet sleuthing, it appears that the pop star will appear on Good Morning America on August 31. DIRECTV, a cable service that Swift has partnered with, has her listed as a guest for the episode of the morning show.

A fan captured the listing and posted a screencap online.

Even more interesting is Swift deleted her social media presence today and the rumored GMA appearance is exactly 13 days from now. As diehard Swifty fans know, 13 is her lucky number and she often incorporates it into her release dates, music and more.

So does this mean that she'll announce a new album on August 31st? All signs seem to point to yes.

Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Exum/LP5