Vin Diesel Has Cryptic Response When Asked About Bringing Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Into the 'Fast' Family

Vin Diesel has a lot to say about the upcoming F9 release, but he's staying very tight-lipped about whether Paul Walker's daughter Meadow will eventually join the Fast & Furious family. When asked if the possibility could soon come true in the long-running franchise's future, the actor opted to cleverly smile and point at the camera during his interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Walke's father died in Nov. 2013 after suffering a tragic accident, but that hasn't stopped the actor's cast members from keeping up their relationships with her. "I just got off the phone with her. That's so funny that you say that. I literally just got off the phone with her," Diesel said, responding to her recent post of the two stars on her Instagram. "That means everything, and that's what family does and it goes beyond the success of the franchise. That's about the success of your soul," he said. The chances are very likely that fans could see her in a future film, considering the movie and the action star's commitment to honoring his late co-star's memory. "That does absolutely have to happen. I can't envision making a Fast film continuing this mythology without my brother Pablo's soul being the guiding spirit."


Meadow won't be the first of the actors' children to have a cameo in one of the franchise films. Diesel's son will be making his first appearance as young Dom in the upcoming movie. "First of all, it wasn't my idea for my son to be in this movie. It was a Justin [Lin] idea. And to be a hundred percent honest, I'm not sure that I would've thought it was a good idea, because that's a moment when Dom is in a very emotional and vulnerable and reflective moment," Diesel said. "What was probably the most wild aspect of that was he had worked 12 hours, he had grinded, he was dedicated, he was going over his lines with the other cast members. He was eating lunch. He was bonding with his young brother and his father [J.D. Pardo] in the movie. And I was off in my space, in the Dom state of mind. The thing I remember the most about the whole experience was the moment that I came home and there was a little twinkle in his eye and he saw that Daddy had returned. That was the moment," he said. F9 will premiere in theaters on June 25.