'Vice': Dick Cheney's Biographer Blasts Christian Bale Movie's 'Gross Misrepresentation'

Vice is up for a lot of awards at the Oscars on Sunday night, but one biographer for Dick Cheney is not pleased with the movie's portrayal of the man.

Vice stars Christian Bale as Cheney, one of the most controversial politicians of all time. The movie has already netted six nominations and one win at the Golden Globes, nine nominations and one win at the Critics' Choice Awards and six wins at the Britich Academy Film Awards. However, this week author Charles Denyer told local news affiliate, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta that the drama is not accurate.

Denyer is currently writing a biography of Cheney after spending time with him sporadically over the years. An Atlanta native, he told the news outlet that he has connected with Cheney on various trips to Washington, D.C., and he feels that Bale missed the mark with his performance last year.

“There are some gross misrepresentations in the movie, no question about it. Did they get some things right? They did. His name is Dick Cheney, and he was vice president. I can pick apart the inaccuracies in the movie for hours," the author said.

These days, Denyer said he speaks to Cheney about once a month, mostly in reference to the biography he is working on. He feels that the people behind Vice did not work hard enough to know Cheney on a personal level.

“I think to know Dick Cheney, you need to know he’s a very unassuming man. He doesn’t have an inflated sense of ego about himself,” he said. “James Baker told me the one reason Dick Cheney has gotten so far in politics is because of that. He’s a really down to earth person.”

Denyer even said that Cheney has a good sense of humor, and feels that the movie missed out on a lot of opportunities to explore that.

“He likes a good joke. We tell a lot of good jokes back and forth whenever I’m with him,” he claimed.


All in all, Denyer felt that the movie ignored Cheney's talent as a public servant. He feels that Cheney is a kind of jack-of-all-trades in the government, and that did not come through in Bale's portrayal.

“He’s someone that’s very good about understanding the political landscape and any issue that comes his way," he said. "Whether it’s national security, the war on terror, the environment, any major policy issue directive you can think about in this country, he speaks with absolute authority on. He’s just a knowledge base, almost second to none."