Tyler Perry's 'Madea' Movie Franchise Ending in 2019

Tyler Perry is finally saying goodbye to his Madea franchise in 2019, according to an interview [...]

Tyler Perry is finally saying goodbye to his Madea franchise in 2019, according to an interview with Bevy Smith of Sirius XM on Monday.

"It's time for me to kill that old b—," Perry joked. "I'm tired, man."

The prolific filmmaker gave an interview on Smith's show, Bevelations, promoting his upcoming movie, Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral. The movie comes out on March 1, 2019 and Perry promises it will be Madea's final movie appearance. This is the eighth movie in the Madea franchise, and the eleventh movie to feature the character in total. Perry joked that he wanted to let go of Madea before he became too similar to his own character.

"We're going to say goodbye in '19," Perry said. "I just don't want to be her age playing her."

Perry has a full plate right now, and he admitted that A Madea Family Funeral was actually intended to come out sooner. He released Boo 2! A Madea Halloween last October, where the character came back to life, but said that he actually filmed A Madea Funeral two years ago. He wanted to release it between his drama Acrimony, which came out back in March, and Nobody's Fool, which comes out this Friday, but it ended up getting pushed back.

While Madea will be done with the silver screen, she may still grace the stage on occasion. Perry said that he wants to play Madea on a "farewell tour," playing her and some other characters on stage around the country. However, he denied that he has more ambitious stage plans, when Smith asked if he was heading to Broadway any time soon.

"My thing with Broadway is that you got to do the exact same thing every night, the exact same way. That wouldn't work for me," Perry said. "I'd piss off all the producers. I'd be like, look, we've got to do something different."

Perry is known for pumping out movies at a breakneck pace. At times, this means that some of his work gets overlooked, thanks to the sheer volume of it, but this weekend's Nobody's Fool is drumming up some serious excitement. The movie features an all-star cast of Tiffany Haddish, Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Riley and Tika Sumpter, in a drama about two starkly different sisters.

In the movie, Haddish's character has just been released from prison, and she is picked up by her more responsible sister, played by Sumpter. The plot thickens as Haddish's character realizes that her sister is being cat-fished by a man online, and they plot to get revenge.

Nobody's Fool comes out on Friday, Nov. 2. Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral hits theaters on March 1, 2019.