Tommy Wiseau Attempting to Get Invite to Sunday's Oscars

The Disaster Artist might have lost a bit of steam during the awards season after James Franco faced sexual misconduct allegations, but The Room director Tommy Wiseau is still hoping to get invited to the 90th Academy Awards.

"Looks like no [Oscars] for Greg [Sestero] & I even though my life story is up for [The Academy] Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Greg's book #TheDisasterArtist," Wiseau tweeted. "Maybe next year for Best F(r)iends ! Here's the trailer in theaters March 30 http://BestFriends.Movie. Support Independent Film."

Wiseau included the trailer for Sestero's film Best F(r)iends, which also stars Wiseau and was directed by Justin MacGregor.

Next, Wiseau asked Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor Mark Hamill, who is presenting at the Oscars, to "use the Force" to get him and Sestero to the ceremony.

Wiseau had been appearing at award shows on Franco's invitation and even walked up to the stage at the Golden Globes for the actor. Franco was considered a frontrunner for an Oscar nomination for playing Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, but the awards campaign stalled after a group of women accused Franco of predatory behavior while they were his students.

In the end, The Disaster Artist was only nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber's script. The film is based on Sestero's book about the filming of The Room, which is widely considered the worst movie ever made.

Franco won the Golden Globe and Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy. Wiseau also attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. Franco was also up for Best Male Lead, but lost to Call Me By Your Name star, Timothee Chalamet.

Even though The Room turned out to be an awful film, Sestero and Wiseau recently told that they would not change anything about the movie.


"I wouldn't really change anything. Because I realized the results were born out of all these experiences, strange, funny, all the ... If you change something, I think it alters what the story is about," Sestero told "And I think if you're gonna get the reward in the end of the story, then you had to have endured everything that came with it. And I think ... I'm big on taking things and seeing them in the positive or turning them into a positive, and it's just a great learning experience. It had everything to teach you about life."

The Disaster Artist hits home video on March 13.