'The Equalizer 2' Trailer Released

Denzel Washington is back and taking names, with Sony releasing the first trailer for The [...]

Denzel Washington is back and taking names, with Sony releasing the first trailer for The Equalizer 2 on Sunday.

Washington returns as retired black ops-operative-turned Lyft driver Robert McCall, who keeps to himself until the trailer finds him mercilessly taking down a group of men who have seemingly assaulted a female passenger.

The woman arrives in the backseat of McCall's Lyft seemingly drugged and having been assaulted, so he heads upstairs to find the men who did this to her. He succeeds, telling them that their credit card is invalid.

One man hands him a black platinum card to use, which quickly turns on him when McCall uses the card to slice open the man's forehead.

After completing that task, the trailer sees McCall set out to avenge the death of his friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) after she is killed by a group of men.

"I punish the guilty," Washington says in a voiceover. "If you're lucky..they give you the opportunity to do the right thing…this ain't one of those times."

The rest of the trailer finds Washington wreaking all kinds of havoc, using various methods and weapons to deploy his particular brand of justice.

The film is the first sequel of Washington's career and follows 2014's The Equalizer, which introduced viewers to McCall.

"He's trying real hard," Washington told Collider in 2014 of his character's mental process. "I actually say — there's a line I say, 'I've done a lot of bad things in the past, things I'm not proud of.' I actually promised – in my backstory, I promised my wife that I wouldn't go back to being that person, but you wouldn't have a movie then, so he's drawn back in."

The Equalizer 2 is directed by Antoine Fuqua, written by Richard Wenk, produced by Washington Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Alex Siskin, Steve Tisch, Mace Neufeld, Tony Eldridge, and Michael Sloan with executive producers Molly Allen and David J. Bloomfield.

The movie also stars Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders and Bill Pullman.

The Equalizer 2 is set to hit theaters on July 20.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment