'Ted Lasso' Star Makes Big Cameo Appearance in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder ahead. Thor: Love and Thunder is out in theatres, and fans noticed a big cameo appearance in the first post-credits scene. Once the first set of credits end, it is revealed that Zeus (Russell Crowe) is alive after Thor (Chris Hemsworth) threw a lightning bolt through his chest. But the surprise came when Zeus is seen talking to his son Hercules, which is played by Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein. 

With Thor returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this means will Goldstein will likely also return for an epic battle. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Thor star and director Taika Waititi talked about the scene and said that he's a Ted Lasso fan. But when it was all said the done, MCU boss Kevin Feige made the final decision. 

"I can't share much because, you know, that was all Kevin," Waititi said, per Showbiz CheatSheet. "Kevin was like 'Hercules? How 'bout we ask Brett?' And, you know, Kevin keeps his cards close to the chest. So I don't want to like 'Where are you pushing this? … Where are you going with this Hercules character?' So we'll see. But it's pretty exciting to start opening up the world of Zeus and Hercules and the Greek gods."  

Goldstein plays the role of Roy Kent in Ted Lasso and won an Emmy Award for his performance last year.  When speaking to Deadline in June, Goldstein talked about the success of the Apple TV+ series. "I've said it before, I promise I'm not being humble, or fake humble, or whatever. I honestly didn't think anyone would watch this show," he said. "It was Apple TV, it was new. I thought most people didn't even know how to access the thing, let alone watch anything on it. I thought, No one is going to watch this. We've made this really special thing for us, and no one will ever see it. And I also didn't know if it would connect. 


"It was half-English, Half-American, and those things often don't work, and football rarely works on screen. There were so many things that were like, this might not work. I genuinely didn't think anyone would watch it, so this whole thing is… It's extraordinary."