Fans Relieved TBS' 'A Christmas Story' Marathon Is Still Happening

TBS' A Christmas Story marathon is here to stay despite the 'fake news' being shared around social [...]

TBS' A Christmas Story marathon is here to stay despite the "fake news" being shared around social media, and fans could not be happier.

A fake article claiming TBS canceled the annual Christmas Day marathon was not happening this year due to concerns about the movie's bullying scenes. However, that was all a fabrication and TBS soon cleared up the rumor on Twitter.

"We are NOT cancelling our A Christmas Story marathon!" the network said, adding a hashtag for "Leg Lamp Forever."

Fans took to the replies of the tweet to sound off about the good news, with some revealing just how special the marathon is to their families.

"We saw A Christmas Story in the theatre and EVERY year since it has been on TBS. It is a tradition in our home," one fan wrote. "Christmas without Ralphie wouldn't be the same!"

Another fan wrote, "Whew I was nervous. My favorite Christmas tradition."

Attention soon turned to the unidentified parties who started the rumor, and viewers were not happy with them.

"Thank you! This movie is an absolute classic. All of this is getting ridiculous, one user wrote. "People cant even handle watching TV or a movie without politicizing it and trying to use it for an agenda. Entertainment is just that, entertainment. I have grown up watching this marathon I would be absolutely devastated if it was cancelled. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas."

Another fan wrote, "Who started this vicious rumor? I almost fainted!"

The classic film, directed by Bob Clark, will begin airing on Christmas Eve and will continue throughout Christmas Day, uninterrupted.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.