'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman 'in Shock' After Bad Truck Accident on Movie Set

Several crew members were hit by a truck on the set of Ron Perlman's new movie, The Last Victim this weekend. Perlman was reportedly "in shock" when he witnessed the out-of-control vehicle careen into a group of crew members. According to TMZ, one crew member is injured and the rest are alright.

The accident took place in British Columbia, at the Okanagan Indian Band where Perlman is currently filming The Last Victim. The driver reportedly hit the gas instead of the brake while moving the truck across the set, accelerating into a group of crew members.

Candid photos from the scene show at least one person on the ground with others huddled around them, and then an ambulance arriving to treat them. The extent of their injuries is unclear, but local authorities said that no one was hospitalized over the accident.

See the photos here.

There is also no word on who was driving the truck. However, Perlman was thankfully away from the collision. A witness said that he saw the whole thing however, and he was visibly "in shock."

The incident was reportedly referred to a workplace safety agency called WorkSafeBC, which will be handling the accident on behalf of the Canadian province. The agency said that there is an investigation underway, and that WorkSafeBC Prevention Officers are now on hand on the movie set for the rest of the shoot.

Perlman reportedly got back to work by the end of the day, in spite of the accident. The actor has been publicly enthusiastic about The Last Victim, even posting about how he is "grateful" to be filming it during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Perlman plays Sheriff Hickey, a local lawman in the "neo-western" thriller. The movie was written by by Doc Justin, Ashley James Louis and Naveen A. Chathapuram, while Chathapuram is also the director.

Other stars in the movie include Ali Larter, Kyle Schmid and Ralph Ineson, among others. So far, little is known about the plot, but Perlman referred to it as a "low budget independent film."

Chathapuram has a history of lauded independent works under his belt, though The Last Victim is his first credit as either a writer or a director, let alone both. He has worked as a producer and executive producer on projects like Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn and Ca$h, which starred Chris Hemsworth and Sean Bean.


There is no release date in place for The Last Victim yet.