Salma Hayek Goes Gucci for All-Pink Wonderland Photoshoot

Movie promotion may be virtual right now, but that isn't stopping Salma Hayek from taking glam to the next level. While promoting her new Amazon film, Bliss, Hayek graced the cover of Wonderland Magazine decked out in '70s style sunglasses. Hayek gave her 17.6M Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, showing off her stunning pink Gucci suit. Hayek's pandemic apparel includes sequins and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Hayek told Wonderland that her new film, which deals with alternate realities, feels especially timely considering the ongoing pandemic. "After I finished the film, I felt like last year was kind of a strange year or a parallel reality," she explained. "In Bliss, you have the ugly world and the beautiful world, and you don’t know which one is real and which one is not. I feel that while we got scared over the possibilities of the real world with this horrible pandemic, people went into their machines to create an alternative, beautiful world; choosing what you can see, how you look, what friends you’re with."

"Technology has given us the possibility to reinvent a fantasy world to submerge yourself into, like in a bubble, and create all kinds of parallel realities," Hayek continued. "One of them is bingeing on all these different shows. That’s a way of escaping and being in another reality. So it’s coming out now, and I see it differently than when I was shooting it."

Hayek opened up about being a woman in her 50s in Hollywood and that part of the appeal of working with Bliss' director Mike Cahill was the fact that he didn't care about her age. "I’m at the best moment in my career and I get to do cool films. He wanted me for this role, Mike, who’s a genius. He didn’t care about my age, he made the part whatever age I was because you don’t even talk about age in this movie. In this world, it didn’t matter at all. This kind of film, in these times, just reminds you that anything is possible."

"There’s many beautiful things that we have, so many blessings," Hayek concluded. "This can already be bliss. What if this is the best we are ever going to be, and we’re not appreciating it and we’re not protecting it?"