Salma Hayek Wears Sleek Black Bathing Suit for 'Sunday Vibes' Photo

It wouldn't have been a relaxing weekend without a new photo from beloved actress and activist, Salma Hayek. The Oscar-nominated star posted a glorious poolside pic to share her "Sunday vibe" with her fans on Instagram on Jan. 31. Hayek, 54, recently started sharing photos with the #SundayVibes hashtag each weekend, helping fans find some relaxation. Hayek will also be entertaining fans when Amazon Prime Video releases her latest movie, Bliss, where the multitalented star sports a different look, including chest tattoos.

It is not clear when the new photo was taken, but it was published two days after Hayek was in London. She had a meeting with her agent, Maha Dakhil Jackson, on Friday. "Having a walking meeting with my agent [Jackson] in [London]," Hayek wrote in the photo's caption. Jackson shared the photo as well, adding, "I love this lady." Hayek was also busy with a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, even sharing a screenshot with her fans.

Hayek lives in London with her billionaire husband, Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, and their daughter, Valentina. She shared a photo from London on Monday, showing snow on the ground. She also wrote about dressing up for Taco Tuesday at home, joking that, "You know you have been too long in quarantine when you dress up for Taco Tuesday."

All of these photos confused her fans since Hayek also shares glamorous and sunny photos from beach vacations. "Quarantined where?? You were just taking pictures at a beach," one fan wrote. "She's traveled more in 2020 than most people do over a decade," another wrote. Some of the photos are likely older than others. In an interview with PEOPLE in April 2020, Hayek was taking quarantining seriously and talked about how it gave her more time to share with her husband and daughter.

"At the beginning of the quarantine I felt like I have to take advantage of this time — be very productive in the house, or exercise, or meditate extra," she told the magazine. "But then I realized that I was already having a lot of expectations and pressure on accomplishing a lot in this time." Later, she added that she enjoyed watching the birds, looking at the moon, and "stare at my husband and daughter as they're sleeping and I love it."


In another interview with The Telegraph in September, Hayek said the biggest challenge of the lockdown was "fear and uncertainty" for her. It was "very strange" not to have a rigid schedule. "But there were also some perks," she said. "I really enjoyed having my husband, François, work from home and we got to use the time he previously spent commuting having breakfast in our garden. I also really enjoyed spring – I would wake up every morning excited to discover the evolution of the plants. And I've never heard so many birds sing in London."