Anne Hathaway Speaks out on 'Princess Diaries 3'

Fans have been very excited over the announcement of The Princess Diaries 3, and now the franchise star Anne Hathaway has spoken out about the project. While she has yet to sign on to the film, Hathaway did praise fans for their "thrilling" support and "level of excitement." The actress then went on to offer some insight into what it will take to get the movie fully off the ground. 

"We feel the exact same, and I know it's probably very frustrating," she told PEOPLE, noting that it's been almost 20 years since The Princess Diaries 2. "It's a process that requires patience, and so everybody should consider themselves a part of the movie business now, because this is how long it actually takes to make things." It was back in November that The Princess Diaries 3 was first announced as being "in development" from Disney. It is said to be a continuation of the original films rather than a remake.

While fans are getting closer than ever before to a new Princess Diaries movie, Hathaway previously all but closed the casket in a sequel to one of her other iconic films: The Devil Wears Prada. "I don't know if there can be [a sequel]," Hathaway said during an appearance on The View. "I just think that movie was in a different era. Now everything's gone so digital and that movie is centered around the concept of producing a physical thing and it's just, it's just very different." 

She then added, "It is tempting to think about Andy and Emily needing to get Miranda her coffee and she's somewhere in Europe. And then along the way they pick up Stanley Tucci in Italy, who's at a restaurant. It's tempting but I don't think it's going to happen." Finally, Hathaway posed the possibility of a "relaunch" project with "new people" involved.

In addition to the sequel chatter, one other widely discussed element of The Devil Wears Prada is who is the actual villain of the story, with many saying they believe Adrian Grenier's Nate Cooper is the bad guy. This doesn't sit well with Hathaway, however, who doesn't think Nate is its true antagonist. While chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and during a fan-question segment the pair were asked their thoughts on the matter. 

While the show's host delivered a fervent "yes" to the inquiry, Hathaway took her time and answered thoughtfully. "He did behave like a brat, but I also behaved like a brat in my 20s, and I hopefully grew out of it," Hathaway replied. "I think that that's what we all do. And I wouldn't want to be defined by my worst moment in my 20s, certainly, so I don't hold Nate as a villain, actually."