'Predator' Movie Revival in the Works, Arnold Schwarzenegger Reportedly Interested

A new Predator movie is said to be in the Works, and there are reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger [...]

A new Predator movie is said to be in the Works, and there are reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger may be interested in returning to the franchise. According to Deadline, 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg will direct the new film, from a script by Patrick Aison (Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Treadstone). At this time, the film's plot is being kept under wraps.

Notably, We Got This Covered reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be interested in coming back, after appearing in the first Predator movie more than three decades ago. He had reportedly been offered roles in the subsequent sequels — Predator 2, Predators and The Predator — but turned them all down. The most recent installment — 2018's The Predator — was directed and co-written by Shane Black, who also starred in the original film alongside Schwarzenegger. Black played Hawkins, the radioman on the team of military men that was led by Schwarzenegger's Major Alan "Dutch" Schafer.

During a conversation with The Independent's Jack Shepherd in 2018, Black spoke about what it was like to helm a film from the same franchise he helped to kickstart 30 years earlier. "I was in Vancouver watching the Predator walk past and I'm thinking: 'Wow man, this is the same chair, the same night,'" he said. "It was surreal – life does have those moments where you forge a connection across the years."

He then went on to share that it was actually on the set of Predator that he realized he was maybe more destined to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. "I honestly knew I was an OK actor, not necessarily a great actor," he said. "When I was on the set of Predator in Puerta Vallarta [in Mexico], I had just sold the script for Lethal Weapon and was doing a rewrite for [director] Richard Donner. Then there was Monster Squad coming out at the same time."

Black went on to say, "So there were three projects, all at once, swirling as I sat there in Mexico. Two of them involved me as a writer, and only one marginally as an actor. I got the hint at that point." At this time, there is no word on when filming for the new Predator film may begin, nor has a release date been announced.