'Pirates of the Caribbean' and Jack Sparrow Returning, But Not How Fans Expected


Pirates of the Caribbean fans will get to see the return of Jack Sparrow, a character made famous by Johnny Depp. Although, it may not be in the way that you're expecting. On Sunday, developer Rare announced that they had partnered with Disney to bring a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed expansion to life in the video game Sea of Thieves. This partnership has been billed as the "ultimate pirate crossover."

According to Variety, Rare made this announcement during Microsoft's presentation at E3, an annual video game trade event. They shared that this Pirates of the Caribbean expansion, which will be titled "A Pirate's Life," will be released as a free update on June 22. Naturally, the game will feature an appearance from the one and only Jack Sparrow, whom the player will be tasked with freeing from prison. The player will go on a journey with Captain Jack Sparrow, who was put in jail after stealing the world's greatest Pirate's Treasure, as he is pursued by Davy Jones on the Sea of Thieves.

Rare has noted that the characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe will not just be featured as cameos. Instead, they will be a part of their own, original narrative that ties in nicely with Sea of Thieves. The game will include five different tales that players can navigate. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life will enable players to go on a solo adventure or play with others online. Joe Neate, the executive producer of Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life and one of Rare's executive producers, spoke out about this partnership. He explained that it was a natural step in the Sea of Thieves universe to tap into a little bit of Pirates of the Caribbean magic.


"Sea of Thieves aims to immerse players in a fantastical depiction of the pirate life, filled with colourful characters and vibrant locations to explore," Neate said. "The sense of fun, wonder and the imaginative spirit that we hold real affection for in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean always felt like it could be complementary to the world of Sea of Thieves, and we've striven alongside the teams at Disney to celebrate this." Mike Chapman, the creative director of the project, had something similar to say, as he teased fans with, "This story moves the Sea of Thieves world forwards in unexpected ways, and it's been a joy to bring these two worlds together, treating both in a way that feels authentic and delightful to experience."