'On the Basis of Sex': Where to Stream the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Biography

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many might be wondering how to stream On the Basis of Sex, the biographical film about her life. While the film is not streaming for free on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, it is available to Showtime and Showtime Anytime subscribers. For those who might be interested in renting the film, available to rent for a fee on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and other streaming services.

On the Basis of Sex was directed by Mimi Leder (ER, Pay It Forward), and was released in 2018. It is based on Ginsburg's early life and legal career, and stars Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) as the young lawyer working to fight against gender discrimination. The film also stars Armie Hammer as Ginsburg's husband, Martin D. Ginsburg. Additional stars of the film include Justin Theroux, Jack Reynor, Cailee Spaeny, Sam Waterston, and Kathy Bates. Notably, Ginsburg herself appears briefly at the end of the film, shown walking up the steps of the Supreme Court.

For those who interested in seeing the film on the big screen, it was also recently announced that it will be brought back to theaters this fall. Focus Features, the studio who produced the film, has partnered with Magnolia Pictures — who produced the documentary RBG — to re-release both films in theaters. "Justice Ginsburg spent her life upholding fairness, the law, and the rights of all Americans. These films highlight only a small portion of her legacy to screen, but her vast impact on our country goes far beyond them. We hope that moviegoers are re-inspired by her passion, her courage and take that back into the world," Focus and Magnolia said in a joint statement according to CNN.

RBG was released in 2018 as well, and is a documentary film that captures the life and career of Ginsburg, from her childhood to her many years of service as a Supreme Court Justice. It was produced and directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen. Currently, RBG is streaming for free on Hulu, for subscribers of the service.

Following Ginsburg's death, Jones released a statement honoring the American political icon. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave us hope, a public figure who stood for integrity and justice- a responsibility she did not wear lightly," Jones said in a statement to CNN. "She will be missed not only as a beacon of light in these difficult times but for her razor sharp wit and extraordinary humanity. She taught us all so much. I will miss her deeply."