MTV Movie and TV Awards: 'Game of Thrones' Fans Livid That Arya Stark Lost out 'Best Fight'

Game of Thrones fans were left feeling a little sting when the MTV Movie and TV Awards aired on Monday night. When the award for Best Fight came around, many fans were expecting Arya Stark to walk away with the golden popcorn thanks to her battle at Winterfell with the White Walkers.

Given where she ended up at the end of the massive battle, you'd think she was a shoo-in to win. Her competition was stiff, though, including Captain America versus Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel's final battle on the Kree mothership, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg against inequality. It's an eclectic group and Game of Thrones fans had their hopes up that they'd see the show get an award.

They did not. Instead, Brie Larson and her fight choreographers won for Captain Marvel. The Oscar-winner accepted the award herself before quickly handing over to her pair of trainers, giving the true credit behind the fight itself.

But online, Game of Thrones fans did not have a lot of praise for Larson or the Marvel blockbuster.

"Arya Stark vs. the white walkers didn't win fight of the year and I'm just gonna go ahead and say that's bulls—?????" an angry user wrote on Twitter.

"Ok but captain marvel won over Arya Stark," a second wrote with an eye roll emoji tacked on the end.

"Best Fight should've gone to Arya Stark or Captain America come on now," another wrote.

"Captain Marvel over Captain America and Arya Stark??" a third added. "What kind of joke is this?"

Some were willing to praise Larson a bit despite being fully behind House Stark at the awards.

"Arya Stark honestly deserved an award 100% [Maisie Williams] I still love Captain Marvel tho," an accepting fan wrote.

One fan actually channeled a classic MTV Awards moment to question the network overlooking Arya in the category.


"I just wana say [Brie Larson] I'll let you have ya moment, but Arya Stark had the best fight scene of all time," the Kanye West fan wrote.

In the end, being nominated is what truly matters with an awards show. If you appear on the list, you earned some praise and you achieved something. Not to mention the series itself still broke some ratings records and Arya Stark got to live throughout the end of the show.