'Maybe I Do': Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey Talk 'Hilarious' Castmate Susan Sarandon, Stageplay Style Rom-Com (Exclusive)

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey are currently starring in a brand new stageplay-style romantic comedy,  Maybe I Do. The film follows three different couples over the course of a few days and eventually reveals how chaotically — and humorously — their stories intertwine. Recently, PopCulture.com had a chance to speak with Roberts and Bracey, and we asked them about working with writer-director Michael Jacobs (Quiz Show, Girl Meets World), as well as which one of their prestigious co-stars kept them laughing. Spoiler: It was definitely Susan Sarandon.

Maybe I Do is a film adaptation of Jacobs' stageplay of the same name, but Robert admitted this fact eluded her for most of the production. "I actually didn't find that out until we were almost done filming," she confessed, "but it's so funny because I remember when we were filming it, a lot of it takes place, basically all of it takes place, in this house, and the way Michael would kind of choreograph the scenes felt very detailed in a really amazing way, and the choreography felt like it went with the emotion of the script, so I could easily see it being a play. And I was like, I would love to do it as a play. It would be fun with this cast."

Offering his perspective on what it was like to work with Jacobs, Bracey said, "Michael's so experienced at storytelling, and so there were just so many bits that I think he... Little tips he gave us, Emma and I, that we'll never forget and that were just so helpful." He continued, "And I guess another thing is his energy, such a lovely energetic guy who's so... just enthusiastic about telling a story, and it's infectious, right? And not like we weren't excited anyway, but then that just kind of ramped it up again." 

Bracey then added, "Michael did such an amazing job crafting this story, and crafting such a unique story as well. It's a story that, to have all these different perspectives on love and to have it all tie in together was such an amazing feat. And yeah, I loved working with Michael, and yeah, hopefully, I can do it again one day."

Speaking of the "intimate" set — which mostly only features the main six actors, including Richard Gere and Diane Keaton —  Roberts added, "Michael Jacobs is so talented, and I just felt like the dialogue he wrote, everything had just a kernel of wisdom in it or some truth to it. And it made it really, really fun to not only say the dialogue but listen to the dialogue be said by some of the most legendary actors ever."

"It was just a great atmosphere. It was a really, really fun movie to make," the actress went on to say, then confessing at the time, "I actually haven't seen it, so I'm seeing it for the first time with people tonight at the premiere. So I'm really excited because there's so much that was done that I'm not in, and so I can't wait to see how everything kind of folds together."

Finally, we asked Bracey about working with so many skilled, legendary stars, and if he would reveal who kept things lively on-set. "I mean, everyone was pretty good at that. I found Susan Sarandon just... I don't know. Everything she did, I just thought it was genius and brilliant and hilarious." He then added, "But that's just one of them, honestly. There's Bill Macy. Will Macy has this amazing bit of physical comedy in it that's just genius."

Not able to choose just one, Bracey also said, "Richard Gear is absolutely hilarious in these moments of his worry. And then Diane Keaton is the genius that she is and so effervescent. No, everything was amazing." 

However, when it comes right down to it, there was one stand-out that Bracey would admit to. "I do remember there was one day where I just couldn't stop laughing at what Susan was doing, and basically every day, I just thought she was hilarious. She had a new way of doing something every take, and I thought it was just genius. Loved working with everyone." Maybe I Do is now playing in theaters everywhere. Check local listings for dates and times.