Susan Sarandon Offers No Apology After Daughter Eva Amurri Calls Childhood a 'Circus'

Susan Sarandon has responded to her daughter's recent comments about growing up in the entertainment industry. Eva Amurri, 37, went viral on TikTok for describing her childhood as like a "circus," and speculating that many children of famous people felt the same way. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sarandon seemed to agree, adding: "I think normal is very overrated."

"I think everyone likes to go to the circus, so I don't see any problem with that as long as all the animals don't get too out of control," Sarandon quipped when asked about her daughter's comments. "I think our life is unusual and they're exposed to lots of [things]. I dragged them with me whenever I worked, so they went all over the globe. I think it's one of the best things that I ever gave them, that view of their place in the world. Also, they're very flexible and adjustable and I think that's a really, really important thing for kids to have that adults have."


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"So, no apologies here. I'll talk to her therapist, but I don't apologize," Sarandon said. The 76-year-old actress was responding to a video where Amurri said that lots of people in the entertainment industry – particularly those who grew up in it – "sometimes liken the experience to growing up in the circus."

"You kind of spend these really surreal periods of time really closely intertwined with other people," Amurri said. "You become so, so close almost like family. And then one of the things that's really disorienting about the acting world is then, when the project is done, a lot of times everyone just goes their separate ways and you kind of just disappear back into real life. It can be really sad sometimes... It's always a unique experience to grow up that way."

Sarandon admitted that she does check her children's social media pages often to keep up with them. In addition to Eva she has 33-year-old Jack and 30-year-old Miles, and all three post online. She said that she looks at their Instagram pages, Twitter pages and blogs, saying: "they tell me a lot."

Amurri has children of her own now and her social media posts are largely about parenting. She also works as an actress, and she has amassed a huge following on TikTok with only occasional references to her A-list mother. So far, it does not appear she has responded to her mother's interview.