Matthew McConaughey Visibly Flustered When Discussing Full Frontal Movie Scenes

Hey hey hey! Matthew McConaughey is showing off his package for the world to see, and he's blushing about it too.

McConaughey is starring in a new thriller with second-time, co-star Anne Hathaway called Serenity. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days actor admitted his uncertainty in whether showing fans a different side of him would play well in the box office or not.

"I don't know if that's good for the box office or bad for the box office," he with a laugh.

Hathaway immediately chimed in, "Trust me, it's real good."

Fans would probably agree. For years, the public has watched the 49-year-old flaunt his washboard abs in films like Fools Gold, Magic Mike and How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, so why not give the audience a little more?

In the film, set on Plymouth Island, McConaughey is a fishing boat captain named Baker Dill, whose ex-wife, Karen (Hathaway) tracks him down in desperation.

"I will give you 10 million to drop my husband in the ocean for the sharks," Karen says to Dill.

With a request like that and owning their titles of "ex Mr. and Mrs.," the two end up sharing some on-screen intimacy, and Serenity isn't shying away from lingering on all of McConaughey.

Typically, movies that show risque or love scenes, focus primarily on the females, but not this time. The actor may be a little shy towards all the attention he's received for his scenes in the 2019 film, but one thing he's not shy about is the potentially long list of stunt doubles he's used for scenes like these. He was asked if he's ever taken that route and he gave a shocking response.

"How much time do we have in this [interview]? This could go long," he said.

Something else he's admitting to is how long he's had a crush on Diane Lane — who he gets to work along side with in the film.

"I told her [about my crush], first thing, too!" he said without a second thought. "I said, 'Do you know how long I've had a crush on you, Diane? Since [she starred in] Lonesome Dove.' I told her straight up!"

"[She's] fun and cool — and she's a great actress," he continued.


Hathaway and McConaughey starred in the 2014 sci-fi film, Interstellar, a movie that chronicles a group of adventurous explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations of human space travel.

Serenity will hit theaters Jan. 25, 2019.