LeBron James' Next Movie Project Headed to YouTube

Lebron James is bringing his films to YouTube. YouTube Originals announced on Tuesday, Sept. 14 that I Promise, a documentary film by Marc Levin that chronicles the story of LeBron James' dedication to his hometown of Akron, Ohio and its students, is coming to the streaming platform. The film will debut on YouTube Originials on Thursday, Sept. 28. It'll chronicle James' deviation to bridging the educational and wealth gap through the eyes of the inspiring students who are readjusting the expectations of their futures. 

 The documentary originally premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Festival, per an official press release. It features an in-depth look at the first academic year inside Promise School, which officially opened in 2018. Per the release, viewers will see "the day-to-day trials, triumphs, and life-changing impact of the school staff, students and families working together in a unique, family-first educational environment that embraces the trauma and challenges many face in Akron." Many of whom have similar upbringing and challenges of the NBA icon. 

I Promise documents an intimate look at the school's blueprint for what public education looks like in modern times, which encompasses "a holistic, STEM-focused approach led by love and Social-Emotional Learning infused with the LeBron James Family Foundation's "We Are Family" philosophy." 

I Promise is directed by Marc Levin and executive produced by James, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson, Philip Byron, Nicholas Lopez, Marc Levin, Dan Levin, Catherine Cyr, and Josh Gold. Per the release, the documentary is part of additional learning programs from David Attenborough and creator Jack Harries, and others.