Watch: 'Leatherface' Green-Band Trailer Teases Major Horror

If you've ever wondered how the deranged killer from the 1974 horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre came to be, the prequel film Leatherface purports to have the answer.

Set years before the events of Massacre, the film sees the youngest child of the Sawyer family sentenced to a mental hospital after the sheriff's daughter dies in a suspicious incident.

Ten years later, the now-teenaged Sawyer kidnaps and nurse and escapes the hospital with three inmates, going on a violent spree while being pursued by authorities, including the sheriff whose daughter died,Entertainment Weekly shares.

Leatherface premieres on DirecTV on Sept. 21 and arrives in theaters and on demand on Oct. 20.

See the trailer for the terrifying origin story above.


Photo Credit: Lionsgate