Kristen Stewart Stuns as Princess Diana in New 'Spencer' Trailer

Kristen Stewart stuns in the trailer for her new film Spencer as she delivers an eery performance, appearing extremely similar to Princess Diana. Directed by Jackie filmmaker Pablo Larrain, the biographical film will focus on Princess Diana as she struggles with the decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles amid various infidelities. 

Based on several truths during the tumultuous time in the British royal's life, the drama is somewhat of a fictitious version of what could've taken place in the distressing period in 1991. Gold and glamour aside, the cracks in Princess Diana's armor begin to show as she prepares herself to put on a united front with her husband Prince Charles amid the added scrutiny that comes with royal life around the holiday time. 

She tells herself: "Three days, that's it." Three days of eating, drinking, hunting, and other festivities with the rest of her husband's family members. At one point, one of her sons asks her "Mommy, what's happened to make you so sad?" Charles later informs her: "You have to be able to do things you hate." "There's no hope for me," she says, closing the trailer. "Not with them."

Produced by Neon and Topic Studios, the film is expected to premiere in theaters on Nov. 5. Sally Hawkins; Olga Hellsing as Sarah, Duchess of York; Amy Manson as Anne Boleyn; and Niklas Kohrt as Prince Andrew joins Stewart among the cast. Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight penned the script. 

According to IndieWire, Stewart says taking on the project was somewhat of a no-brainer –– she hadn't even read the script before told Pablo Larraín yes. "He called me on the phone. At first, I hadn't read the script yet, and he proposed this idea and said he was doing this sort of weird tone poem about Diana, and asked whether or not I would be interested in tackling the subject at all, before he sent the script," she said. "Kind of without thinking, very irresponsibly, I said 'Yes, absolutely.'"


She added: "In the moment right before I was going to say, in a word, yes or no, I was like 'Who are you if you don't say yes?"