One of Kristen Bell's Funniest Movies Is Airing on TV This Weekend

One of Kristen Bell's funniest movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is airing on Starz over the [...]

One of Kristen Bell's funniest movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is airing on Starz over the weekend, so if you're looking to revisit one of the best comedies from the 2000s, you're in luck. Written by and starring How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall tells the story of Peter (Segel), a film score composer whose girlfriend, TV star and the titular Sarah Marshall (Bell), leaves him for a rock star (Russell Brand). Peter takes a vacation to Hawaii to wallow in his heartbreak, but much to his surprise Sarah and her new paramour are at the same resort.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall features hilarious supporting performances from Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, and Jonah Hill, and even inspired a sequel, Get Him to the Greek, about Brand's Aldous Snow. While some comedies from that era have aged poorly, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is still as hilarious and sweetly raunchy as the day it was released.

The opening scene is particularly memorable, with Bell breaking up with Segel while he's naked. It's a funny and vulnerable scene, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bell opened up about what it was like shooting with Segel's manhood on full display.

"Jason psyched himself up to doing it and he really owned the fact that he did write it and that he was going to go through with it," Bell explained. "Because I'm sure on the day it felt so much more vulnerable than when he wrote it…at his house…the previous year. That was one of the last scenes we shot in the film, so we were all very comfortable with each other. And although the beginning of the day was vulnerable, it was apparent that we were all friends, because by the time we had moved on from close-ups, Jason was still naked and didn't realize it. I was like, 'J, you can put your pants on now.'"