Does 'Jumanji 2' Have a Post-Credits Scene or Not?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opened in theaters this week, more than 20 years after the original film. And thanks to a slew of films today banking on sequel anticipation with end credits scenes, audiences can expect something similar with the film's re-imagining.

Welcome to the Jungle has something at the end, but it's not a traditional post-credits scene, like one after a Marvel movie. Instead, Sony included something similar to Warner Bros.' It. The film has a post-audio teaser, where you can hear the drums from the titular game playing.

There's no word on a third film, and there's nothing that specifically hints at one in the film. But the drums at the end could hint at something more.

Welcome to the Jungle isn't a traditional sequel, since it doesn't include any of the original Jumanji characters. It turns the titular board game into an old video game, with four teens sucked inside a new world.

The Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, Sex Tape) directed film features Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart who play the avatars the kids chose to play as. The film has surprisingly earned strong reviews from critics.


The original 1995 family classic starred Robin Williams as Alan Parrish, who was stuck inside the board game version of Jumanji. It was based on Chris Van Allsburg's 1981 children's book.