007 Producer Says Next James Bond Could Be Black or a Woman: 'Anything Is Possible'

James Bond could potentially be getting a makeover, quite literally, as one of the 007 producers says that the next Bond could black or a woman, or a black woman, for that matter.

When asked about the direction of the series after current Bond actor Daniel Craig officially exits, Barbara Broccoli said, "These films tend to reflect the times so we always try to push the envelope a little bit. Anything is possible. Right now it's Daniel Craig, and I'm very happy with Daniel Craig, but who knows what the future will bring?"

It was Broccoli's father Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli who first turned Ian Fleming's Bond novels into the most recognizable spy film franchise in the world. She has since taken over the family business of guiding Bond through the sea of Hollywood, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Playboy magazine, Dark Night Trilogy-director Christopher Nolan was asked if he was "tempted by the prospect" of directing a James Bond film. He replied, "A Bond movie, definitely."

Nolan went on to say, "I've spoken to the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson over the years. I deeply love the character and I'm always excited to see what they do with it."


He then clarified that there are no concrete plans for him to step in at the moment, explaining, "Maybe one day that would work out. You'd have to be needed, if you know what I mean. It has to need reinvention; it has to need you. And they are getting along well."