Horror Icon Tony Todd Talks Ominous and Complex New Movie 'The Changed' (Exclusive)

Horror icon Tony Todd is well known for his many roles from Candyman to Final Destination. But now the beloved actor is starring in an ominous new movie titled, The Changed, which feels like an homage to classics such as Night of the Living Dead and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The film follows a Connecticut family who realizes that everyone around them is changing and behaving bizarrely, including their neighbor Bill, played by Todd. But the film works beyond the narrative to build a deeper, more connective tissue to social issues. "I think what the film really examines is culture classes," he said.

Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com about the film, Todd offered his perspective on the complex storyline and how it compares to real-world issues. "We have great separation in this country, currently. We have tribalism like, I've never seen before in my life. I think what the film touches on, whether it was intentional or not, is exactly that," he said. How can you go trusting or bothering your next door neighbor's best friend to locking him up in the basement? Unless I mean, what is the threat, other than intellectual? Everything that Bill presents is, in my mind, is completely correct. I mean, it's a chance for a life without my financial constraint and life without fearing anybody that's outside the tribe."

Todd continued, "So from my point of view, they're the monsters. They're the ones who tie me up, who start berating me. Who threatened me with a shotgun, Who holds a loaded shotgun to a man that's tied up in the basement chair."

While the film's plot and in-depth social commentary played a large part in Todd's choosing to participate in the film, he also confessed that there was one more reason. "I think another draw for me was that the film was shot in Connecticut, which is my home state. Michael Mongillo [the film's director] was a Connecticut filmmaker. And we had been tracking each other for a while, and he offered it to me. And I got a chance to not only go back home but to film in my home doing what I loved."


Finally, Todd joked that he "went on a food tour while" they were filming, and revealed which local spot was his favorite. "Some of the best grinders in the world. Franklin Giant Grinder. I got to give you a massive shout-out. They kept me going." The Changed premieres in theaters on March 4, but will also be available digitally and through VOD.