Disney and Pixar Fans Push Petition for 'Cars' Lightning McQueen Heely Crocs in Adult Sizes

Fans of Pixar's Cars franchise — and of unique fashion — are demanding that Crocs and Heelys [...]

Fans of Pixar's Cars franchise — and of unique fashion — are demanding that Crocs and Heelys cater to their needs. Crocs and Disney teamed up to make a version of the unique rubber shoe designed to look like the character Lightning McQueen, while Heelys is known for its casual wheels. The problem, as thousands of petition signers see it, is that no combination of these shoe styles is available in adult sizes.

A petition to Crocs and Heelys is making the rounds on social media this weekend, demanding that these companies offer Lightning McQueen Crocs, with a Heelys wheel insert, in adult sizes. So far, a staggering 266,861 people have signed — though only some of those are new signatures. The petition was created three years ago by a user named Statton Davis, who wrote at the time: "I am a fashion enthusiast and I think it's disgusting that such fashionable footwear is only available in kids sizes. If anything, they should be available exclusively in adult sizes."

There is little doubt that Davis was at least partially joking, as the banner photo on the petition has a watermark for a social media page called "the plug for memes." Still, about 267,000 people feel the same way — partially joking or not. One commenter wrote: "This is the most important issue of our time," while another added: "I am disgusted that I can't buy a pair this second."

It's also worth noting that petitions have worked on Crocs before. Four years ago, Change.org user Collin Bonner started a petition for the rubber shoe manufacturer to make Lightning McQueen Crocs themselves available in adult sizes. With just 33,147 supporters, the campaign worked.

The Crocs official Twitter account even suggested that the petition influenced its decision, writing at the time: "The people have spoken." According to a report by Footwear News, the petitioners put their money where their mouths were, and the distinct red clogs sold out almost immediately. At the time of this writing, they are sold out again, and it is not clear if they are still in production.

In the case of Davis' desired Lightning McQueen Heely Crocs, however, victory may not be so simple. In truth, Crocs and Heelys have never officially teamed up, although many crafty individuals on Etsy and other online stores have made custom modifications for the two. Getting a pair of the elusive Cars Crocs and then putting a wheel into them would be a rare accomplishment.

That is not stopping over a quarter million petitioners who want these shoe companies to meet the needs of their customers. The petition is still active on Change.org.