Chris Hemsworth Joins 'Crocodile Dundee' Reboot

It's been announced that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has joined the cast of the upcoming Crocodile Dundee reboot/sequel.

In a tweet from the movie's official Twitter account, a clip featuring Hemsworth was shared along with the caption, "Announcing [Chris Hemsworth] as Wally Jr. The heir to the Outback's most adventurous tour company."

The clip shows Hemsworth standing on the side of a dirty road in the Australian outback holding a sign that reads "DUNDEE." A passenger bus pulls up and Danny McBride climbs off.

He reveals that he is the son of famous Australian Crocodile Dundee and Hemsworth's Wally Jr. simply cannot believe, in the hilarious exchange.

A premise for the film on its official website elaborates a little more on the plot of the film, explaining that McBride plays "the loudmouth American son no one knew" Crocodile Dundee had.

Apparently, Crocodile has gone missing and his son Brian is "the only person who might be able to find him."

Brian is the "son of a legend" who is "forced to channel his Aussie roots as he teams up with a local expert, Wally Jr." The two of them will "embark on the ultimate adventure in the land down under."

The first Crocodile Dundee film came out in 1986 and was very well-received, as it brought in nearly $330 million on a budget of less than $10 million.

It also garnered several award nominations, with Crocodile Dundee himself Paul Hogan taking home a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Crocodile Dundee II came out two years later in 1988 and was not quite as well-received as the original, but still had a huge box office revenue. It raked in just shy of $240 million on a budget of only $14 million.

Finally, the third film in the franchise, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, came out in 2011 and was mostly panned by critics and fans alike.


The critic consensus on Rotten Tomatoes reads, "A family movie without toilet jokes, but there's nothing that haven't seen before."

Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home does not have a specific release date as of yet but is expected sometime in summer 2018.