Burt Reynolds Slams Former Co-Star Kathleen Turner as 'Overrated'

Burt Reynolds put his former co-star Kathleen Turner on blast during a recent interview.The [...]

Burt Reynolds put his former co-star Kathleen Turner on blast during a recent interview.

The 82-year-old Hollywood legend appeared on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to promote his new film, The Last Movie Star. During the appearance, Reynolds participated in a "Plead the Fifth" segment, where he was asked scandalous questions, but was only allowed to not answer one of them.

The most eyebrow-raising moment went down when Cohen asked him, "Who is the most overrated actor of the '70s and '80s?"

The Smokey and the Bandit star thought it over a moment then responded with Turner's name.

Turner received acclaim early in her career for her roles in Romancing the Stone, Peggy Sue Got Married and Prizzi's Honor. She also had roles in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Virgin Suicides, The Man with Two Brains and the Showtime series Californication. Turner has won two Golden Globes and was been nominated for Academy and Tony Awards.

Reynolds worked with Turner on one of her less-praised pictures, 1988's Switching Channels. The film centers around a news station manager (Reynolds) trying to keep his ex-wife/star reporter (Turner) busy in order to sabotage her wedding to another man (Christopher Reeve).

The film was not well-received by critics and audiences, and both Reynolds and Reeves received Worst Actor/Supporting Actor nominations at the Razzie Awards, respectively.

Reeve had famously hated his role in the film, and it seems Reynolds agreed. TooFab claims Reynolds has gone on record before about the panned film.

"The picture wasn't good," Reynolds once said. "And I didn't get along with [Turner]."

Cohen did not press Reynolds to add any more context to his distaste in Turner, but it presumably stemmed from his experience on Switching Channels.

Elsewhere in the "Plead the Fifth" segment, Reynolds gave his thoughts on President Donald Trump's term in office. He has some mixed feelings about the POTUS' term thus far.

"I think he's doing some good things," Reynolds said. "Mostly, he's acting on his instincts, which are not good."

He also turned down the question about the best lovers he ever had in his life, opting to jokingly say Jack Nicholson.

The Last Movie Star is currently available on DirecTV Cinema and will receive a limited release on March 30.

Photo Credit: Bravo / Charles Sykes