Burt Reynolds in Talks to Join Quentin Tarantino's 'Manson' Movie

Aging acting legend Burt Reynolds is reportedly in talks to join Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Charles Manson-based movie.

Reynolds will join Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in the film titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The movie is said to be a fictional story that takes place around the real-life events of the Manson Family murders, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in Los Angeles in 1969, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars DiCaprio playing an washed up Western TV star and Pitt appearing as his stunt double. The pair are struggling to make it in Hollywood not that their glory days are over, but it turns out they have a big-time celebrity living next door. Sharon Tate.

There is currently no word on who Reynolds might be playing, but the film has been given a release date of Aug. 9, 2019, so it's likely if he does sign-on his character will be reveled soon. It has also been reported that Tarantino asked I, Tonya actress Margot Robbie to play the role of Tate.

Interestingly, the film's release date coincides with the 50th anniversary of Tate's murder at the hands of the Manson's followers.

While fans will have to wait a few months to see Reynolds in the new film, his most recent movie, The Last Movie Star, was released earlier this year. In the film, Reynolds plays Vic Edwards, an aging Hollywood star who was "a college football legend turned stunt double turned leading man."

"Now, in his eighties, he's convinced by an old friend to accept an invitation to receive a Lifetime Achievement award at a two-bit film festival in Nashville. The trip launches him on both a hilarious fish-out-of-water adventure and an unexpectedly poignant journey into his past," the synopsis reads.


The Last Movie Star co-stars Ariel Winter, Clark Duke, Nikki Blonsky and Chevy Chase. It was written and directed by Adam Rifkin, and was originally titled Dog Years. Rifkin is known for writing the 1990s films Small Soldiers and Mousehunt, as well as for directed the 1999 raunchy-coming-of-age-comedy Detroit Rock City.

Reynolds once spoke about getting emotional during a screening of the film, revealing, "It was very close to me, this picture, because a lot of it that's happening on-screen was happening to me." He explained that both he and his character in the film deal with being told that they should "retire" and "get out of the business."