Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray Held at Gunpoint in Exclusive 'Survive the Night' Clip

Bruce Willis is back in action and ready to give everyone in quarantine their next favorite action thriller with Survive the Night. The movie — available on-demand starting Friday — sees the Die Hard and Pulp Fiction actor teaming up with Chad Michael Murray to play a father-and-soon duo thrown into a tense (and possibly deadly) scenario. Based on the above exclusive scene Lionsgate has shared with PopCulture, the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

The 89-minute project stars Murray as Rich, a trauma doctor that soon becomes a hostage to Jamie (Shea Buckner). An unknown party shot Jamie's brother Mathias (Tyler Jon Olson) during a robbery gone awry, and they need someone to operate on him. They then hold Rich hostage along with his dad Frank (Willis), wife and daughter. Frank (described as a "tough-as-nails" retired sheriff") and Rich will have to overcome their issues with one another and overtake the crooks.

(Photo: Lionsgate)

In the above scene, Frank is tied up with his family as Jamie enters the room. Rich seems to need a hand with whatever procedure he's about to perform on Mathias. "Looks like you're up, old man," Jamie says. "Oh, oh, you're a tough son of a b—, huh? You used to be the big dog in town. Yeah, I bet you got a hard-on for me after I killed your wife. Sure you'd like to dance with me if I gave you the chance."

Frank says just to give him "five minutes alone" and vows that he'd take Jamie's "f—ing head off." This threat infuriates Jamie, who then gets in Frank's face. However, he gets back to the task at hand. He lets Frank know he's going to untie him, but he'd "better f—ing behave." Jamie marches Frank into the dining room, where we see Rich standing over Mathias. After more tough-talk to Frank, Jamie turns his attention to Rich, saying, "My brother dies, I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill your daughter. I'm gonna kill your wife. And I'm gonna kill your f—ing dad."


There's no inkling where the scene goes next, but we have a feeling Frank and Rich won't let the situation play out without a fight. Survive the Night (directed by Matt Eskandari and written by Doug Wolfe) will be available on digital platforms starting Friday. The film is 89 minutes long and is rated R for violence, bloody images and language throughout. Other Lionsgate films available digitally include Intrigo: Dear Agnes (featuring Gemma Chan), Intrigo: Samaria, Arkansas and the Michael-Shannon-starring The Quarry.