Gemma Chan Shows off Her Intense Side With Exclusive 'Intrigo: Dear Agnes' Clip

It's no secret how money will drive one to do some crazy things in life, but in the new Lionsgate film Intrigo: Dear Agnes based on the bestselling novel of the same name that aptly illustrates the most complex recesses of human nature, audiences will get a deep, dark dose into those depths with acclaimed actress, Gemma Chan (The Eternals, Crazy Rich Asians) at the helm of the Hitchcock-style thriller set to release on VOD May 5.

Based on Swedish author Håkan Nesser's groundbreaking and stunning book trilogy, Intrigo: Dear Agnes is a sharp, edge of your seat drama highlighting the lengths good friends will go alongside bad deeds. Following the death of her husband, Agnes (Carla Juri, Blade Runner 2049) is desperate for a new life and money, but runs into old friend, Henny (Chan) enraged at her unfaithful husband (Jamie Sives, Chernobyl). Soon Henny makes Agnes an unforgettable and shocking offer — a plan to kill her unfaithful husband. Naturally, this leads to an explosive climax, that will leave audiences in complete awe.

In an exclusive clip shared with, Henny can be seen cleaning up after what could only be imagined as a tense dinner between she and her husband, Peter (Sives). With the two soon arguing over a project Henny is working on, it's no secret the couple is at their wit's end with one another. The film, which stars Chan, Juri, and Sives is directed by Daniel Alfredson, who co-wrote the feature with Birgitta Bongenhielm.

As the sequel to Intrigo's Death of an Author with Ben Kingsley and prequel to Intrigo: Samaria (also arriving on-demand May 5) with Phoebe Fox, Dear Agnes and its complementary stories based on the three-part novellas are set in undefined countries in Europe, where author, Nesser has placed much of his plot. Sharing similar psychology and a narrative structure illuminated through intimate portraits of crime, the three films deal with themes of escape, guilt, revenge and atonement.