Bruce Campbell Claims 'My Name is Bruce' is Part of 'Evil Dead' Canon

Bruce Campbell has starred in a variety of movies and TV series over the years, but arguably his most iconic role is that of Ash Williams in the Evil Dead films. The actor is so iconic, in fact, that the film My Name is Bruce featured the actor playing himself fighting against an evil threat, which the actor recently confirmed takes place within the same universe as the original Evil Dead films.

"You could consider it within the Universe of this world as a meta-movie. So, I guess, yes," Campbell confirmed during a panel when asked about how the films connect this past weekend at the New York Comic Con.

In the Evil Dead films, Campbell plays Ash, a man who is thrown into extraordinary circumstances when his friends accidentally unleash an ancient evil into the world after discovering the Necronomicon, or, "The Book of the Dead." Debuting in 1981, the first film got a sequel in 1987, a third film in 1992 and a remake in 2013.

In 2007, My Name is Bruce told the story of a group of teens battling a monster in their Oregon town. Knowing Campbell's skills on-screen with battling evil, they enlist the actor for his help in vanquishing their foe.

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In the years since making his mark in the genre trilogy, Campbell has gone on to star in films like Congo and the Spider-Man trilogy, in addition to starring in the hit TV series Burn Notice.

Lucky for Evil Dead fans, the actor returned to the role that helped him earn his cult following by playing Ash in the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The series catches up with present day Ash and shows that, while he tried to leave his fights with Deadites behind, the Deadites aren't done with him, forcing him to tap into the skills that helped him become "The Chosen One," according to an ancient text.


The third season of the Starz series debuts on February 25.