Alec Baldwin Co-Signs Crew Member Calling Reports of Unsafe Conditions on 'Rust' Set 'Bulls—'

Following a tragic accidental shooting that left one person dead on the Rust set, Alec Baldwin is doubling down on a crew member's claims that the set wasn't under any "unsafe conditions." According to Deadline, the actor co-signed on a message from the set costume designer  Terese Magpale Davis saying "unsafe, chaotic conditions are bulls––" by reposting the screenshot on his Instagram account. 

Coming after the cast and crew who walked away from the film because of safety concerns and financial problems, Davis casts a different light on the film's producers, calling them "some of the most approachable and warm I have ever worked with."

As the police investigation continues, nobody has been arrested or charged with anything as of yet. Though, First Assistant Director David Halls and armorer Hannah Gutierrez have become the focus of the probe at the moment. The movie's producers have taken the opportunity to lawyer up with some serious assistance from a high-profile team associated with Jenner & Block. The lawyers have promised to conduct an independent investigation of events and have obtained assistance from a crisis PR team.

Halls has a shaky career history, which puts him front and center in the investigation. In 2019, he was fired from the set of another film due to safety issues and was kept off of another project because of complaints regarding his personal conduct. Halls was the person who handed the weapon to Baldwin, assuring him that it was a "cold gun." He later admitted in a filed affidavit that he hadn't properly checked the gun after it was handed to him by Gutierrez. The costume designer still defends both of her former colleagues in her message, saying that Hall held multiple safety meetings on the set of the movie and was serious about ensuring everyone's well-being. 

 Baldwin confronted the paparazzi in Manchester, TV on the issue, telling them, "I'm not allowed to make any comments because it's an ongoing investigation. I've been ordered by the Sheriff's department in Santa Fe, I can't answer any questions about the investigation."

He did comment that he and the victim Halyna Hall were on very good terms before the incident. "She was my friend! The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting, I took her to dinner with Joel the director," Quickly after, the actor was prompted by his wife Hilaria Baldwin to stop sharing any more information. "You know what, no details."

"We were a very, very well oiled crew shooting a film together and this horrible event happened," the actor closed.