2020 Oscar Nominations: Adam Sandler Fans Can't Believe 'Uncut Gems' Star Snubbed for Best Actor

Adam Sandler fans are slamming the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after he was snubbed for his lead role in Uncut Gems at the 2020 Oscar nominations Monday morning. Fans of Sandler took to Twitter to air their grievances with the snub after actors John Cho and Issa Rae read this year's nominees live from Los Angeles.

"For the first time, I'm really sad Adam Sandler isn't on this list," wrote Newsy's Casey Mendoza.

Instead of Sandler, nominated for Lead Actor were Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory; Leonardo DiCaprio for Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood; Adam Driver for Marriage Story; Joaquin Phoenix for Joker; and Jonathan Pryce for The Two Popes.

"Leo doesn't deserve it over sandler and that is an actual sentence I have written in 2020," one angry fan tweeted.

Others admitted that the list was full of great actors — bar one. "Nice list. But Adam Sandler was robbed of a nod," wrote Trailer Park Boys actor Cory Bowles.

"Are you f—ing kidding me?! Adam Sandler was fantastic and he got snubbed???" one Twitter user wrote.

Other fans were irate that Uncut Gems was snubbed in its entirety. Sports analyst Darren Rovell wrote, "Uncut Gems not getting a single Oscar nomination is ridiculous. It's because Adam Sandler is Adam Sandler that they couldn't just look at his incredible acting and sports theme always hurts. Utter garbage."

"I predicted 65 of a potential 80 nominations correct. I'd have settled for just one right if it were Adam Sandler in UNCUT GEMS," wrote Ringer's Sean Fennessey.

Others mentioned that this year's nominees "felt largely safe."

"Despite diversifying the pool of Academy voters, the nominees felt largely safe," wrote Collider's Matt Goldberg. "No Lopez for Hustlers, no Sandler for Uncut Gems, no Nyong'o for Us, etc. Every time the Oscars had a chance to do something interesting, they largely ran away from it."


"The Oscar nominations are just so supremely boring and lifeless. No women directors, no Adam Sandler (???) no Uncut Gems at all, no Knives Out in Best Picture, a huge bias against A24, and finally..... Joker got 11 (!?!?) nominations. What are we even doing here? This sucks," one person wrote.

The 2020 Oscars will be hostless for the second year in a row when they air live on Feb. 9 on ABC.