Woman Gets Python Stuck In Her Ear Gauge

No, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. You read that title correctly. A woman got a PYTHON stuck in her EAR. You probably never thought you'd read those words arraigned in that manner.

23-year-old Ashley Glawe, from Portland, posted the pic on Facebook and it instantly caught people's attention.

Speaking to WLS-TV, a local news station, Ashley said, "I like froze instantly. I didn't move because I really thought he was like attacking the side of my head."

The python, named Bart, is actually Ashley's pet, so it's not quite as terrifying as it would be if she'd been camping and woke up to a snake in her ear. Nonetheless, she had a pretty mature reaction to having a snake crawl into her ear because most people would likely panic in that situation.

Some brief facts about Ball Python's for you, just to add context: They are also sometimes called "royal pythons," and are generally only found in sub-Saharan Africa. They are considered to be "non-venomous constrictors," and are the smallest of the African python snake species. They're also known to be mostly very docile creatures. For these reasons, it is common for people to keep them as pets. This would also explain why Ashley only froze instead of becoming hysterical when she realized he'd crawled into her ear.

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Glawe attempted to remove the snake with cooking oil but he was really crammed in there and the oil proved ineffective. Next, she says she called for emergency help and her local fire department showed up but they too were quite perplexed and could not manage to get Bart out of Ashley's ear. Finally, she headed to the hospital to see if there was anything the doctors there could do to help her. They made a cut in her to help free up some room and finally the python slide right out.

Both Ashley and Bart are said to be happy and healthy following the traumatic, albeit quite hilarious, incident. It seems safe to say that she'll be keeping a much closer eye on Bart in the future, just to make sure he doesn't again end up anywhere outside of his usual environment like, say, the other ear. Although, maybe Bart is the first in a new species of snake whose natural habitat is the human earlobe? Only time, and science will tell.


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(H/T: New York Post)