Watch These Crazy Terminator 2 Reactions When Mercury Gets Flushed Down A Toilet

A video from YouTube user Cody's Lab shows an experiment where the filmmakers tried to flush mercury down the toilet. While this may sound utterly strange, the results are completely insane and look like something from one of the Terminator movies.

At the beginning of the video, the filmmakers try to flush a bottle cap full of mercury. When it goes down a little too easily, an entire bottle's worth of mercury is flushed into the toilet, which equals roughly 2 pounds of liquid. It doesn't get flushed down, but they won't stop there.

Cody then adds a huge load more of mercury - around 10 pounds worth - and then attempts to flush it all down again. As you might imagine, this essentially breaks the toilet with a clog of magnificent proportions. Watching Cody attempt to unclog the toilet that is filled with mercury is entertaining within itself; however, he then decides to fill up the toilet's tank with the silver solution.

Once all of the water in the toilet has been replaced by mercury, the flush looks amazingly mesmerizing.

Check out the video above to see Cody's Lab experimenting with mercury in the water from a toilet. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Did you ever expect that mercury would have such an awesome reaction to being flushed in a toilet?

[H/T YouTube: Cody's Lab]