Steve-O Crashes After Car Takes Out Skateboard Stand, Ending With A Serious Injury

In San Diego on Sunday, a stunt gone wrong caused an incredibly painful injury for Jackass' Steve-O. It was reported Monday that the daredevil injured both his legs, but now the video has surfaced showing just how excruciating this moment was.

The gut-wrenching footage shows Steve-O perched on top of a wooden porta potty with a skateboard in hand. Pro skating legend Danny Way then drives a red car into the structure as Steve-O tries land on the ground on top of the skateboard. Capturing the footage was another skateboard master Tony Hawk.

On the first two tries, Steve-O takes a hard landing, but seemed ok. But then, on the third attempt, he completely messed up both ankles. Steve dislocated and broke the right ankle, and then just to even things out, he broke his heel of on his left foot as well.

Steve-O shared several images from the scary moment on social media. He shared a photo on Instagram of himself in the hospital bed with the caption: "I really did a number on myself today. Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways--wish me luck in surgery!"

TMZ reports that Steve-O will have to undergo surgery once the swelling goes down to put some hardware in his ankles.


Check out the video above to see Steve-O's awful injury.