Walmart Criticized for 9/11 Tribute

An effort to try and use soda cans to pay tribute to 9/11 backfired for a Florida Walmart.

The Walmart arranged the Coca-Cola products to look like the twin towers and one shopper was not pleased with it.

Shawn Richard took a picture of the display and shared it on social media for the entire world to see.

"We stopped and stared at it like, oh my god," Richards told BuzzFeed News. "Nobody seemed to be noticing it, it wasn't very crowded, and I got the feeling that it had just been assembled. So we took some pics and went on our way."

Above the display hung a banner that read "We will never forget" with a photo of the twin towers and the logos for Walmart and Coca-Cola.


The display was criticized by many on social media for being insensitive and exploitive.

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