Two Officers Got In A Violent Brawl, And It Was Caught On Tape

It's not often that reports of cop-on-cop crime come in, but when any incident is caught on tape it's usually only a matter of time until the footage surfaces. This is the case for two officers in Hardin County, KY, who were caught on camera brawling over the placement of an inmates backpack.

You can watch the fight here

The incident took place on February 8th. WDRB reports that the two men were going through the motions of checking in an inmate, and at some point, Deputy Jailer Joseph Funk said to Deputy Sheriff C. Smith, "Stop putting property through the d*** gate," per the arrest citation.

Reportedly, after a heated exchange of words through the window, Deputy Funk walked out from behind his station and the two men quickly escalated to fighting. Other officers were around to separate them, but eventually, they began to duke it out a second time.

It's lucky that other officers were available to de-escalate the situation as much as possible, but it's also reported that there were inmates present for the outburst as well.

Deputy Funk was taken into custody and reportedly returned to court today. Based on all available information, Deputy Smith does not appear to be held responsible for the altercation.

Speaking to reporters, Hardin County Jailer Danny Allen stated that he was called to the jail at approximately 9:30pm and notified that one of the deputies had been taken into custody. He also stated, "He was not placed behind bars. He was in custody. He was booked in, booked out, like other people would be."

Jailer Allen also said that Deputy Funk has been employed at the Hardin County Detention Center since March of 2011. Although he isn't able to comment on other specifics of the case, Allen went on to add that, "It is a very unfortunate incident."

There is no report on if Funk has had any previous reprimands, or violations, regarding his behavior or if this is a one-off incident.

No reports on whether or not Deputy Funk and Deputy Smith knew there was a camera behind them on the wall digitally capturing the entire incident but we can assume both men will consider that possibility going forward.

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