Trump Tower Evacuated After A Suspicious Bag Is Left In The Lobby

Trump Tower in New York City was chaos today as police partially evacuated the skyscraper. The lobby, as well as some of the businesses, were evacuated when a suspicious package was left in the lobby.

After police evacuated the necessary people from the building, the bomb squad was sent in to assess the situation. As it turns out, the suspicious package was nothing more than a forgotten bag of toys, which could easily have been a collection of someone's Christmas presents.

The Tower is currently home to not only President-elect Donald Trump and his family but also to the many other people who rented or purchased space in the building. It is also home to a variety of offices, shops, and other businesses. What's more, it is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to New York City.

All of that means that a discarded or lost bag is a likely occurrence given how many people move in and out of the building. Currently, visitors to the skyscraper are allowed in between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. There is also extra security in the building now that it is the home of the President-elect. But, that still didn't stop a forgotten bag to cause a massive scare.

Trump, who is currently at his home in Floria for the holidays, didn't seem too concerned about the evacuation of his New York building. His popular Twitter account made no mention of the incident.


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