Tori Spelling Introduces New Family Member Even Though She's Still Pregnant

The Spelling-McDermott family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Just when we were preparing to be on baby watch for Tori Spelling's latest little one, she threw everyone for a loop by introducing a new family member without giving birth.

That's right, the family of 6 is now a family 7, soon to be a family of 8. Spelling shared a photo with her four children and their new baby....pig.

According to E! News, the family adopted the 2-year-old, 4-pound mini pig named Nutmeg from a breeder in Florida.

"When I got the email in October that Nutmeg had been born and would join our family in a couple months I literally squealed with excitement," Spelling wrote. "Maybe not the ideal timing with my baby due so soon but all babies are blessings whenever they come into your life!"

"Nutmeg is so sweet and such a great addition to our family!" she said. "My babies absolutely love her! Welcome to the family Nutmeg!"


One thing's for sure, Spelling is going to have her hands pretty full between the new pet and the new baby on the way shortly.

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