This Triple Spiral Domino Trick That Took Over 25 Hours To Prepare Is Mesmerizing

Domino tricks might be one of the most entertaining things to watch. The chain reaction from one set of dominoes to the next is mesmerizing to the point where we can't take our eyes off of it. YouTube user Hevesh5 is a professional domino artist and she has created a project of massive scale that is guaranteed to garner multiple views from each person watching.

The above trick took 25 hours to build over the span of eight days and required 15,000 dominoes, but boy did it pay off. The spiral setup allows for an awesome aerial view and the trick ends with a great final self-destruction pattern.

You can also see the build in reverse below. This helps to ensure the trick worked flawlessly with no breaks.

There are a lot of domino tricks out there on the Internet, but this one (at least for now) takes the cake due to its intricate setup and perfect execution.


[H/T Hevesh5]