This Guy Jumped Into A Pool Of 25 Million Squishy Balls, And The Result Was Unexpected

(Photo: YouTube, Mark Rober)

The Scientific Method is something that is tried and true, and in the classic case of 'sink or float,' it's the perfect way to come to a hypothesis. So, what's the experiment? Mark Rober, one of The Backyard Scientists, wondered if people sank or floated in a pool filled to the brim with squishy balls. The video they recorded for the experiment did not disappoint.

We won't spoil the above video, but we will say that the end result is definitely unexpected, especially with the prediction Rober gave before jumping into the Orbeez-filled pool.

Ok, now time to go on Amazon to buy millions of Orbeez to try this trick in the neighborhood pool.


[H/T Mark Rober]