Spotify Now Serving Up Daily Selection Of Personalized Playlists

On Thursday, popular music streaming service Spotify introduced an all new feature called Daily Mix. The new tool will offer users a plethora of playlists that update every 24 hours and are individually tailored to your preferences.

While Daily Mix utilizes a similar approach to Discover Weekly in selecting songs, it is a totally unique feature. "But that's where the similarities end," Matt Ogle, who works with Spotify on lead development of music discovery and personalization. "In a lot of ways it's the opposite of Discover Weekly. Daily Mix is trying to take the work out of hitting a button and always hearing music that you love."


On a daily basis, Spotify users will receive between one and six mixes every day, according to The Verge. The number of playlists depends on how broad your musical tastes are, and what you've been listening to recently.

The playlists are not simply named "Pop" or "Rock," but rather they will show up on your app as a mosaic of four album covers with the artists below.

"Initially we tried to get more prescriptive with the labels," Ogle continued. "We found that the mixes were much better received when we leaned back and let people describe them themselves."

The tracks on the Daily Mix playlist will be shuffled, and the playlists may be swapped out for a different one. However, there won't be all new songs every day. Ogle compared Daily Mix to that of a typical radio station where you would hear a typically similar sound from day to day. The biggest difference is that the Daily Mix will evolve with your evolving preferences.

Do you plan on rocking out to a Daily Mix on Spotify today?

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