Sons Of Anarchy Star Reveals Toughest Scene He Had To Film

Sons of Anarchy star Emilio Rivera revealed the most difficult scene he had to film during the series, and it might be one that surprises you.

The Mayans MC fan account on Twitter asked the 55-year-old actor, "What is the toughest scene you ever had and how did you prepare for it?"

Rivera responded on Twitter by writing, "Killin my Son on SOA, Called my Real son before doing it.."

Rivera portrayed Marcus Alvarez, the president of the Mayans MC, on the wildly popular FX series.

SOA showrunner Kurt Sutter has revealed plans for developing a new spinoff series titled Mayans MC, and the speculation all along was that Rivera would be the lead character in the show. However, in the same Twitter Q&A in which Rivera explained his most difficult scene to film on SOA, he also said that there are still some remaining questions about his involvement in the forthcoming offshoot series. Check out what Rivera had to say about Mayans MC here.

Kurt Sutter and his team are playing things pretty close to the chest, and haven't revealed many details about Mayans MC at this point. It has previously been revealed that Sutter has tapped Elgin James in order to bring a heavy Latino voice to the show.

The FX network has described the upcoming series as a "dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time reflected through a Latino lens."

A release date has not been announced for Mayans MC, but the series is expected to air at some time next year.

Sons of Anarchy Rivera
(Photo: FX Network)

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What are your thoughts about Emilio Rivera saying the toughest scene to film on Sons of Anarchy was when he had to kill his son?


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