Rejected Lover Poured Bucket Of Concrete On Ex's Car On Christmas Day

Darren Manson was dumped a few days before Christmas by his year-long girlfriend Danielle Black. But instead of moping about or trying to find someone new, he decided that the best way to cope with his anger was to get revenge. So he tried to vandalize Black's car with a bucket of cement.

On Christmas day, Manson texted Black a series of texts saying, "I have so much hatred towards you," and "You aren't even worth it. You've messed with the wrong man." Manson then made his way to Blacks home around 5 in the morning with a bucket full of cement.

Black was at home sleeping when Manson vandalized her car that was parked in the driveway. He managed to dump, what was later described as "cement paste," onto the hood, windshield, and roof of the car.

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Black's mother heard a loud bang from outside the house that morning and happened to see an object thrown at her daughter's car. She also saw the empty bucket of cement on the ground. When she looked closer, Black's mother also happened to see Manson crouching near a fence, so she called the police. Manson was arrested.

After spending two days in jail, Manson pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusing behavior towards Black. He is currently out of jail on bails, but he will appear in court in January for his sentence. Until then, he is required to stay away from Black, or be put back in jail.

Luckily for Black, the "cement paste" was easily wiped off her car. There didn't seem to be very much damage done.


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